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Defensive Driving in New York May Help Lower the State’s Car Accident Rate

Lessons on defensive driving in New York can help significantly lower the potential for accidents in the state. Because of the sheer volume of motorists and pedestrians in New York, any driver will benefit from learning safe driving techniques.

Defensive driving, according to Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations, ANSI/ASSE Z15.1, is driving “to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” It is a passive driving stance that aims to lessen the risk of car collisions and incidents. Deaths by car accidents in the United States happen once every 13 minutes and this number keeps growing by the year.

Courses in defensive driving in New York, can usually be taken to reduce up to 4 points from a driver’s New York license. However, when taken voluntarily, a defensive driving course can make drivers eligible for an automatic 10% discount on their auto insurance premiums.

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Online Driver Training an Excellent Alternative to Physically Attending Traffic School

For drivers who need to complete a court-mandated traffic school, online driver training classes provide a viable alternative to having to attend driving school.

The major advantage that online classes provide is that of convenience. Students do not need to physically go to a school or establishment in order to attend classes – all they have to do is go online, and log on to a website. Online driving classes such as those offered by provide an easy to use format that makes it simple for students to take the courses. The company’s training modules utilize videos and animations in order to help users better understand the course content.

As one of the premier online driver training providers in the country, Driver Training Associates has helped millions of drivers across the United States get their tickets dismissed, and receive lower auto insurance premiums.

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New York PIRP Online

New York drivers can take an easy, convenient online defensive driving course to receive an automatic 10% discount off their auto insurance premium. Go to New York IPIRP.

This is a benefit provided to every eligible driver by New York state law. Our New York DMV approved course can also reduce up to four points on a person’s driving record. You can take the course from home, the office, school, anywhere!

Here are some other great reasons to sign up with DTA:

* Easy to use format – Our course is simple for anyone to use, including people who have never taken an online class before.
* Clear, simple language – This accident prevention course is written in plain language that’s easy to understand and is not loaded down with statistics.
* Videos and animations – Helpful videos and animations bring the course to life.
* Study at your own pace – Log in and out of the course as many times as you like. We keep track of your course activity.
* U.S. based customer support – Our professional, U.S. based customer support team is ready to help if you need assistance.

DTA has provided defensive driving training to millions of New York drivers. Sign up today and find out what makes us New York’s premier provider of the point insurance reduction program.

Virginia Driver Improvement Courses Offered to Avoid Teen Accidents

Statistics show that motor vehicle accidents are one of the major causes for teen deaths in America. The need for driver improvement in Virginia is a must to ensure the safety of teen lives.

Driving courses cover the basics of driving, such as driving laws and regulations. However, many times more than head knowledge is necessary. Defensive driving techniques and anticipation skills teach the driver to be aware of other vehicles and drivers, how to react to another driver’s mistakes, as well as what to do when an accident is about to take place. Practice and constant vigilance is the only way to make sure that these skills are always in mind while driving.

Improvement courses also help offset past driving offenses, earning up to 5 safety points to offset tickets. The classes can even give a discount when applying for insurance.
Virginia driver improvement classes can not only help get rid of tickets but also save your life.

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How to Drive in Texas: Defensive Driving

Many people think that as long as they know the basic rules of the road and how to maneuver a car, they are fully capable of driving. In Texas, defensive driving is the best way for drivers not just to get where they want to go but also to do it without putting others at risk.

Unfortunately, most accidents on the roads of Texas involve teenage drivers. It’s likely that not all the necessary information taught at driving school is enough to equip them with the skills needed to be a good driver.

Defensive driving involves more than just an overall wariness of the driver’s surroundings. With the right school, it can also teach how to anticipate accidents or oncoming disasters. It will show the proper techniques when dealing with a crash, mistakes made by other drivers or other emergencies.

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Benefits Of The PIRP Course

The Point Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) course  helps people reduce their vehicle related expenses. Violating traffic rules or indulging in improper driving practices can cause the vehicle owner’s license to be suspended. Traffic violations also means a financial loss as points on the driving record can lead to an increase in the vehicle’s insurance premium rate.

Tips For Safe Driving Are Provided


Defensive Driving for Texas Drivers is Available Online through Driver Training Associates

Drivers who have violated certain regulations are sometimes ordered to attend courses for defensive driving. In Texas, these drivers are most often required to sit through a six-hour TEA-approved course, which fortunately can now be taken online through Driver Training Associates. This online program of DTA is approved by the State of Texas and provides drivers with ticket dismissal and insurance benefits. It also provides a completion certificate that will be presented to the magistrate who ordered the defensive driving class, and will fulfill all State requirements in order to dismiss tickets for moving violations such as speeding.

Additionally, drivers who take this course will not only be allowed to have their violation tickets dismissed, but they can even receive a three-year 10% auto insurance discount as well. And by voluntarily completing DTA’s Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program, drivers can receive up to a 15% discount on their auto insurance rates.
Aside from the mentioned benefits and dismissals, the online course of DTA is truly an educational tool for defensive driving. In Texas, to be truly educational, a driving safety course must have an engaging style. This is what DTA’s programs, designed to be easy even for novice computer users, boast of. Visit the company’s website at or contact 1-800-558-9887 for more information.

Driver Training Associates Offers Quality Education for Defensive Driving

Through Driver Training Associates (DTA), students will have the best quality and value in traffic safety education. Before beginning to drive on one’s own, a person must understand the role of specific attitudes and emotions while driving. Prospective drivers must also learn useful defensive driving strategies in order to help dismiss any future traffic tickets and lower auto insurance rates.

Built upon the concept of Dr. Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis which emphasizes the important role that attitude and emotions play while a person is driving, DTA has developed defensive driving programs that will let students become aware of their decision-making process behind the wheel.

The company offers online driver training and courses that are easy to use and understand. Pioneering the use of video in traffic school programs, DTA’s latest technology will help its students have a more enjoyable learning experience, all the while absorbing the key details to an effective defensive driving.

Additionally, DTA offers DMV approved courses that are surprisingly affordable. Visit the Driver Training Associates’ website at to check on their rates, or contact 1-800-558-9887 for more information.

New York Online Traffic School

If you live in New York, you already know there is a lot of traffic. What you might not know is that a recently approved program allows New York drivers to get substantial savings on their car insurance. No, this isn’t another GEICO commercial, it’s the New York Online Traffic School program!

The point insurance program in New York isn’t a big secret. However, few drivers realize that they don’t have to sit through this course in a class any more. They can now take it online:

New York Auto Insurance Reduction Course Online


Virginia Driver Improvement Online

Virginia is a popular place to get traffic tickets these days. With state troopers patrolling the highways and local police agencies handing out tickets on the by-ways, your chances of receiving a ticket are fairly good if you don’t always follow the letter of the law.

So what do you do if you have been unlucky enough to get a Virginia speeding ticket, or if you made a “California stop” at that Virginia stop sign? If that happens, you can explain your situation to the judge, and you might even be given the option to go to a Virginia driver improvement clinic to avoid driver license points.

If you are given the choice of going to Virginia traffic school, you can attend your class at a local driver improvement clinic or sign up for an easy, convenient Virginia driver improvement online clinic.

The online Virginia defensive driving course has a number of advantages over the classroom version. First, this is an 8-hour class, and sitting through an 8-hour classroom session, whether straight through or broken up into smaller sessions, is no picnic.