Defensive Driving Resource

Driver Training Associates Offers Quality Education for Defensive Driving

Through Driver Training Associates (DTA), students will have the best quality and value in traffic safety education. Before beginning to drive on one’s own, a person must understand the role of specific attitudes and emotions while driving. Prospective drivers must also learn useful defensive driving strategies in order to help dismiss any future traffic tickets and lower auto insurance rates.

Built upon the concept of Dr. Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis which emphasizes the important role that attitude and emotions play while a person is driving, DTA has developed defensive driving programs that will let students become aware of their decision-making process behind the wheel.

The company offers online driver training and courses that are easy to use and understand. Pioneering the use of video in traffic school programs, DTA’s latest technology will help its students have a more enjoyable learning experience, all the while absorbing the key details to an effective defensive driving.

Additionally, DTA offers DMV approved courses that are surprisingly affordable. Visit the Driver Training Associates’ website at to check on their rates, or contact 1-800-558-9887 for more information.

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