Defensive Driving Resource

Defensive Driving for Texas Drivers is Available Online through Driver Training Associates

Drivers who have violated certain regulations are sometimes ordered to attend courses for defensive driving. In Texas, these drivers are most often required to sit through a six-hour TEA-approved course, which fortunately can now be taken online through Driver Training Associates. This online program of DTA is approved by the State of Texas and provides drivers with ticket dismissal and insurance benefits. It also provides a completion certificate that will be presented to the magistrate who ordered the defensive driving class, and will fulfill all State requirements in order to dismiss tickets for moving violations such as speeding.

Additionally, drivers who take this course will not only be allowed to have their violation tickets dismissed, but they can even receive a three-year 10% auto insurance discount as well. And by voluntarily completing DTA’s Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program, drivers can receive up to a 15% discount on their auto insurance rates.
Aside from the mentioned benefits and dismissals, the online course of DTA is truly an educational tool for defensive driving. In Texas, to be truly educational, a driving safety course must have an engaging style. This is what DTA’s programs, designed to be easy even for novice computer users, boast of. Visit the company’s website at or contact 1-800-558-9887 for more information.

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