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Texas Defensive Driving – Should you just pay the ticket?

Find out if you best option is to pay for your Texas traffic ticket or if you should take defensive driving.

When Out To Learn Defensive Driving, Texas Students Should Consider Driver Training Associates

When searching for institutes teaching defensive driving, Texas driving students who elect to go with Driver Training Associates and their convenient online training programs and solutions can benefit from the added convenience that comes from being able to complete one’s training online and according to one’s schedule. The company’s online courses are fully approved by […]

In Texas, Defensive Driving and More is Best Learned from One School

In Texas, defensive driving and all other facets of traffic safety education in the Lone Star State can all be learned effectively at an efficient pace through Driver Training Associates. In the three decades it has been in business, the company has helped millions of drivers with their safety and driving education needs, from basic […]

Defensive Driving for Texas Drivers is Available Online through Driver Training Associates

Drivers who have violated certain regulations are sometimes ordered to attend courses for defensive driving. In Texas, these drivers are most often required to sit through a six-hour TEA-approved course, which fortunately can now be taken online through Driver Training Associates. This online program of DTA is approved by the State of Texas and provides […]

Traffic Schools Are NOT Run by the DMV

When you sign up for a traffic school class, online or in person, you are not taking the course with the DMV, but with a private company. Find out how you can be sure the course you are taking is really DMV approved.

Texas Defensive Driving Online

Trying to decide the best way to complete a Texas defensive driving course? Learn about the online course benefits as well as the common misconceptions that may get you into trouble.

Texas Defensive Driving

Are you clear on what to do after you get a traffic ticket? This Texas defensive driving guide will take you step by step through the process so that you can keep you driving record clean, which ultimately can save you money.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course for Texas Auto Insurance Discounts

Texas drivers who are looking for a way to save money can take the DADAP course to receive an automatic 5% auto insurance discount.

Waco Defensive Driving Guide

How to guide on the steps required to request to take defensive driving course.