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Benefits Of The PIRP Course

The Point Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) course  helps people reduce their vehicle related expenses. Violating traffic rules or indulging in improper driving practices can cause the vehicle owner’s license to be suspended. Traffic violations also means a financial loss as points on the driving record can lead to an increase in the vehicle’s insurance premium rate.

Tips For Safe Driving Are Provided

A good way to avoid such unnecessary expense and ensure the good condition of the vehicle is to undergo an online PIRP course. This offers many benefits to owners of all kinds of vehicles. Most importantly it improves one’s skill as a driver by refreshing his knowledge about the latest traffic rules. It provides tips on safe driving so that unwanted accidents can be avoided on the road. It also helps people learn defensive driving skills on highways as well as busy city roads. Also safe driving techniques in different environmental conditions like rains, storm and snow are provided during the course. Candidates are also apprised of rules to be followed when under the influence of alcohol or drugs and the outcome if the driver is caught in such a state. The course is also beneficial for one’s vehicle as it informs one about essential measures to be taken for the vehicle’s good condition.

The PIRP course can be taken in a traditional classroom setting as well as online. There are many online driving schools recognized by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) which offer this course. One such school is Driver Training Associates, Inc.. This is useful as it saves the person time and money required to travel to the course site. Also due to one’s busy schedule it is a good option to undergo the course as and when one can make the time and not as per the regular driving schools timings.

Significant Financial Benefits

After registering with an online driving site for this course the person can login at his own time and receive the instructions. There are a set of sections which have to be completed and after each a test has to be taken in the form of a questionnaire to ensure that the portion has been well covered. Once the course is completed the candidate has to undergo a final assessment of the entire portion. On successful completion he will get a certificate from the online driving school. This will be mailed to him and will automatically be reported to the New York DMV, which will then be updated on the candidate’s driving record. More detailed FAQ’s about proof of completion can be found here.

There are also many financial benefits of taking the PIRP course. For one it is recognized by the law and leads to a reduction of 4 points in one’s driving record. This saves the person from situations like cancellation of his license due to accumulation of points. Vehicle owners are aware that such points also cause an increase in the insurance premium. By completing this course the owner can also gain in a big way financially as his insurance premium will reduce by 10% each year for the next 3 years. After that time period the person has to undertake a new course to be eligible again for point and insurance reduction.

It is essential to register with an online driving school which provides the course in a simple way and gives a state recognized certificate.

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