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In Virginia, Defensive Driving Courses Can Be Taken Online With Driver Training Associates

In Virginia, defensive driving course requirements can be filled by taking an online course with Driver Training Associates. A duly-accredited Better Business Bureau-accredited business, DTA has provided millions of drivers all over America with useful defensive driving strategies and tactics over the years it has been in operation.

DTA offers an extremely convenient online defensive-driving course that can be taken and completed according to the needs and preferences of students. In Virginia, these courses have been duly DMV and court approved as well. DTA’s system is cutting-edge; the company is credited with pioneering the use of video in their traffic-school programs, and other such technological innovations are incorporated too.

Virginia defensive driving courses are often imposed on drivers due to speeding tickets or having too many demerit points on one’s license. DTA’s innovative course can dismiss speeding tickets, satisfies the requirement for an eight-hour defensive driving course, can add up to five safe driving points to a license, and comes with a maximum 10% auto insurance discount.

When Out To Learn Defensive Driving, Texas Students Should Consider Driver Training Associates

When searching for institutes teaching defensive driving, Texas driving students who elect to go with Driver Training Associates and their convenient online training programs and solutions can benefit from the added convenience that comes from being able to complete one’s training online and according to one’s schedule.

The company’s online courses are fully approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and have helped millions of Texans with their defensive-driving education requirements since the 1970s.

DTA’s online defensive driving course allows students who take it to fully dismiss traffic tickets for which the normal adjudication process requires a six-hour driving course. But in addition to fulfilling the course requirements for defensive driving in Texas, students can also enjoy two added benefits. These are a three-year 10% discount on their auto insurance, and the completion (on a voluntary basis) of the Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program for an even higher insurance discount of 15%.

Learn Defensive Driving Online with Driver Training Associates

The introduction of defensive driving online courses is an important development in the driving instruction industry. Many people learning to drive in this day and age can and do find the traditional, entirely hands-on approach to driving instruction inconvenient.

The tight schedules of busy professionals can often make it very hard for them to fulfill driving requirements. This is why a reputable online traffic school that offers such courses over the Internet is a double boon to students. They can enjoy proven, certified training from the comfort and convenience of their own homes, and through working at their own pace.

Driver Training Associates is one institution that offers its students defensive driving online education. The course in its entirety can be completed online, and incorporates special features to make it even more user-friendly, such as exceedingly simple navigation, unlimited logins and logouts, and the use of videos and animation.

Driver Training Associates Teaches Online Defensive Driving – New York Customers Get Auto Insurance Premium Discounts

To learn defensive driving, New York drivers can opt to go with Driver Training Associates. DTA has been teaching New York drivers to drive defensively for years, and specializes in providing convenient, very easily accessed education, and as such offers an online format that is geared towards ease of use, making use of plain, simple language and entertaining videos and animations. In addition, those taking the company’s programs are permitted to study at their own pace, and may login and logout of the course according to their personal preferences or the demands of their own schedules.

Aside from being able to learn all about defensive driving in New York, drivers may also be eligible to receive an automatic 10% discount on their auto insurance premium. After the course is completed, the student can present his or her completion certificate to the insurer for a three-year reduction off the base rate of his or her car liability, collision and no-fault premiums.

How DTA’s Virginia Driver Improvement Trainings Can Help You

Looking for information on Virginia driver improvement training? Let Driver Training Associates help you with our training courses. Our online driver training programs are known in the industry as some of the fastest and most convenient means of improving your driving skills.

There are many other benefits that can be gained from DTA’s online driving courses. Among these is the dismissal of traffic tickets. Upon completion of DTA’s training programs, you will enjoy the benefit of dismissing a Virginia speeding ticket or any other violation.

Some of the great benefits that clients can receive when taking DTA’s online driving course include the fulfillment of Virginia Driver Improvement ordered 8-hour defensive driving course for having too many demerit points on a driver’s license.
With DTA’s online training programs, drivers can also gain up to five safe driving points, which can be used to offset any demerit points received due to traffic violations.

The Benefits of Florida BDI Online Trainings

If you are looking for convenient Florida BDI training that will help you out with your Florida ticket woes, check out Driver Training Associate’s Basic Driver Improvement online training for Florida drivers.

DTA offers the most convenient and accessible driver training courses in the industry. Its 4-hour online courses provide you with various benefits such as not having points added to your driving record. This is a benefit that comes from a Florida law that states that any driver who completes a 4-hour basic driver improvement course for a moving violation will not receive points on his or her driving record.

Driver Training Associates’ Florida BDI online training can also help you in preventing your insurance rates from increasing, especially if you have not caused an accident. Finally, upon completion of basic driver improvement training, your “safe driver” status will not be removed from your license.

The Benefits of Defensive Driving Online Training with DTA

Online defensive driving training has never been easier or more convenient than with Driver Training Associates’ online courses. Their online training programs are ideal for those who have been required by the court to take a 6-hour course, but are simply too busy or are unable to physically attend the classes.

Driver Training Associates is committed to providing drivers with only the highest quality traffic safety training programs. For over three decades, DTA has helped millions of drivers acquire the necessary skills for safe driving. Because its courses are written in a highly engaging style and are easy to follow, drivers can quickly learn the ins and outs of defensive driving.

Some of the benefits that their students can take from its courses include a completion certificate which can help to dismiss a speeding ticket, and make them eligible for a 3-year, 10 percent discount on auto insurance. Call Driver Training Associates at 800-222-9199 for more information.

In Texas, Defensive Driving and More is Best Learned from One School

In Texas, defensive driving and all other facets of traffic safety education in the Lone Star State can all be learned effectively at an efficient pace through Driver Training Associates. In the three decades it has been in business, the company has helped millions of drivers with their safety and driving education needs, from basic driver education to defensive driving, all the way to insurance discount training.

Driver Training Associates aims to offer top-notch services at the best prices, and is concerned as well in providing its clients with the ultimate in driving education convenience. The company offers an online course for the convenience of drivers who have been court-ordered to attend a TEA-approved Texas defensive driving course in order to deal with local speeding tickets or other such violations. Clients are supplied with completion certificates. In addition, Texas drivers who finish this course may also receive a three-year 10% discount on auto insurance.

If you’re interested to learn more about Driver Training Associates and the services they offer, visit

In Florida, an Alcohol and Drug Course is a Must for a Driver’s License

In Florida, first time drivers must complete a State approved alcohol and drug course before they can receive their learner’s permit, and this course can be taken with Driver Training Associates, Inc. The company has reliably helped millions of drivers learn how to drive safely and defensively over thirty years, so much so that it has become an integral part of the driver education industry.

Driver Training Associates’ system is geared to deliver extreme convenience and efficiency. Busy customers who may have no way of taking the usual course in a classroom may elect to use DTA’s convenient online interface, featuring learning material that can be taken at one’s own pace.

Florida teens who are at least 15 years old can take the company’s DHSMV-required alcohol and drug course online. This course makes use of simple language and incorporates animation and graphics as well. The required Florida driver license test may be taken on the Internet after one has passed the online drug and alcohol course. (The online road rules and road signs test may not be taken online if a student has taken the drug and alcohol course in a classroom per DHSMV rule.)

An Advanced Driver Improvement Course is now Available Online with DTA

Driver Training Associates (DTA) offers an advanced driver improvement course to help drivers whose licenses have been suspended or revoked, or who have been categorized as habitual traffic offenders. The course will also fulfill the requirements of a Florida court or judge if a driver has been ordered to attend a 12-hour defensive driving program. Instead of spending 12 hours in a classroom on a Saturday, a driver can complete this State of Florida approved course completely on the Internet. There are no books, no classes with strangers, and no need to drive anywhere.

Upon enrolling in the course, the student will receive an enrollment letter that can be presented to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews if a hardship license is needed. Students can pay a small fee to have this letter expedited if they need their letter in a hurry. Presentation of the ADI course enrollment letter to the DHSMV is also needed for a driver to have his or her license reinstated after it has been suspended or revoked.

Although the Internet ADI course does require student interaction, there is no “group setting” or discussions. Short answer exercises are spread throughout the course, and video is used to make the user experience more engaging. The student is required to take a 24-hour break after completing the first 6 hours of the course. This online course is quickly becoming the most popular way for Florida drivers to attend an Advanced Driver Improvement program.

For those who would like to learn more about the advanced driver improvement class offered on the Internet by Drivers Training Associates, visit or contact 1-800-558-9887.