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Virginia is a popular place to get traffic tickets these days. With state troopers patrolling the highways and local police agencies handing out tickets on the by-ways, your chances of receiving a ticket are fairly good if you don’t always follow the letter of the law.

So what do you do if you have been unlucky enough to get a Virginia speeding ticket, or if you made a “California stop” at that Virginia stop sign? If that happens, you can explain your situation to the judge, and you might even be given the option to go to a Virginia driver improvement clinic to avoid driver license points.

If you are given the choice of going to Virginia traffic school, you can attend your class at a local driver improvement clinic or sign up for an easy, convenient Virginia driver improvement online clinic.

The online Virginia defensive driving course has a number of advantages over the classroom version. First, this is an 8-hour class, and sitting through an 8-hour classroom session, whether straight through or broken up into smaller sessions, is no picnic.

With the online course, you can study for eight hours at home (or anywhere with an Internet connection, really), and you only have to drive somewhere to take your short final exam. You can usually find a local UPS Store or library and take your final exam in 20 minutes, so it’s not as bad as having to locate a classroom driver improvement clinic and then sit in a class for an entire day.

Second, the online course can let you study at your own pace, so you don’t have to be focused on a lecture or video for eight straight hours. If you get tired, want to take a break for lunch or dinner, or just want some time away, you can simply log out and log back in later when you’re ready to resume the course.

Finally, the online Virginia traffic school course will save you money. You won’t have to spend money on lunch or dinner, and the course fee is usually a bit less expensive than the average classroom driver improvement clinic.

Virginia defensive driving information AND registration for the online course is located on the DTA website. This page answers common questions about Virginia driver improvement for in-state and out-of-state drivers.

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