Defensive Driving Resource

In Texas, Defensive Driving and More is Best Learned from One School

In Texas, defensive driving and all other facets of traffic safety education in the Lone Star State can all be learned effectively at an efficient pace through Driver Training Associates. In the three decades it has been in business, the company has helped millions of drivers with their safety and driving education needs, from basic driver education to defensive driving, all the way to insurance discount training.

Driver Training Associates aims to offer top-notch services at the best prices, and is concerned as well in providing its clients with the ultimate in driving education convenience. The company offers an online course for the convenience of drivers who have been court-ordered to attend a TEA-approved Texas defensive driving course in order to deal with local speeding tickets or other such violations. Clients are supplied with completion certificates. In addition, Texas drivers who finish this course may also receive a three-year 10% discount on auto insurance.

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