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Advanced Driver Improvement – Are Senior Drivers Really Better?

The Today show this morning had a story about senior drivers that I wanted to share.  You will be surprised to see where our country’s fastest growing age group ranks when it comes to safety behind the wheel (click here to see the full video: Driver Improvement for Seniors? ).  The story included various reasons for the […]

Florida Advanced Driver Improvement Course

For those Florida drivers that have lost their license, this article gives a brief summary about the Advanced Driver Improvement Course requirement and the best option for you.

An Advanced Driver Improvement Course is now Available Online with DTA

Driver Training Associates (DTA) offers an advanced driver improvement course to help drivers whose licenses have been suspended or revoked, or who have been categorized as habitual traffic offenders. The course will also fulfill the requirements of a Florida court or judge if a driver has been ordered to attend a 12-hour defensive driving program. […]