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When Out To Learn Defensive Driving, Texas Students Should Consider Driver Training Associates

When searching for institutes teaching defensive driving, Texas driving students who elect to go with Driver Training Associates and their convenient online training programs and solutions can benefit from the added convenience that comes from being able to complete one’s training online and according to one’s schedule.

The company’s online courses are fully approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), and have helped millions of Texans with their defensive-driving education requirements since the 1970s.

DTA’s online defensive driving course allows students who take it to fully dismiss traffic tickets for which the normal adjudication process requires a six-hour driving course. But in addition to fulfilling the course requirements for defensive driving in Texas, students can also enjoy two added benefits. These are a three-year 10% discount on their auto insurance, and the completion (on a voluntary basis) of the Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program for an even higher insurance discount of 15%.

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