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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course for Texas Auto Insurance Discounts

You might not have ever heard of “DADAP,” but this course is a little-known way for Texas drivers to earn an automatic 5% discount off their automobile insurance. Everyone is looking for ways to cut expenses these days, and this is an excellent way to do it.

DADAP stands for “Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program.” This course has been around for a number of years, but was previously only offered in the classroom. In 2008, the Texas Education Agency approved an online DADAP course developed by Driver Training Associates, Inc.

Click here to view the TEA’s list of available online DADAP providers.

Taking the DADAP Course for a Texas Auto Insurance Discount:

Texas law (76[R] HB 3757) authorizes a mandatory 5% Texas insurance discount (automobile coverage) for any Texas driver who completes a DADAP course approved by the Texas Education Agency. Furthermore, a Texas driver who completes a 32-hour Driver’s Education Course or a 6-hour Driving Safety Course is eligible for a 10% automobile insurance discount, plus an additional 5% discount if he or she completes a DADAP course. This amounts to a total insurance discount of 15%.

Taking the DADAP Course for Certain Alcohol / Traffic Related Offenses:

Attendance of a DADAP course may also be accepted by certain courts when an individual has been convicted of certain alcohol and / or traffic related offense. Texas law authorizes the attendance of a DADAP course for satisfaction of several different types of offenses, but since each case is unique, we recommend contacting the Court to verify acceptance prior to taking the DADAP course.

Note: Texas law does not allow the DADAP course to be taken for ticket dismissal. Drivers who need to get a ticket dismissed should sign up for a TEA approved Driving Safety Course.

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