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California Making History with Self Driving Vehicle Law.

Imagine a time where you get into your vehicle and rather than driving away normally as you do so often, instead you have an interface that allows you to type in the address that you would like to go to and then you just sit back and your vehicle does all the work for you.  […]

DTA Releases New Florida Traffic School Course

Florida’s newest online traffic school course is DTA’s 4-hour basic driver improvement course. Find out how you can take this convenient course for red light running, reckless driving, and other violations.

The Benefits of Florida BDI Online Trainings

If you are looking for convenient Florida BDI training that will help you out with your Florida ticket woes, check out Driver Training Associate’s Basic Driver Improvement online training for Florida drivers. DTA offers the most convenient and accessible driver training courses in the industry. Its 4-hour online courses provide you with various benefits such […]

Traffic Schools Are NOT Run by the DMV

When you sign up for a traffic school class, online or in person, you are not taking the course with the DMV, but with a private company. Find out how you can be sure the course you are taking is really DMV approved.

Where Can I Find Florida 8-hour Traffic School?

If you have been ordered or you volunteered to take a Florida 8-hour Traffic School course, you might have a hard time finding one. Read about the best way to locate a school that offers this course.

More Florida Traffic Tickets for Lakeland Red Light Runners

In June, 2009, red light cameras will become active at several busy Lakeland, Florida intersections. More tickets for red light running are likely to follow.

Florida Drivers Will Pay for Crashes — Literally!

Threadbare city and county budgets have caused government officials to get very creative in finding more money for their coffers over the last two years. One new revenue source is the implementation of what are known as “Cost Recovery Programs,” “Police Investigation Fees,” or “Service Response Fees.” In layman’s terms, this means that the person […]

What Should Happen to Florida Drivers Who Continue to Drive on a Suspended License?

More and more Florida drivers are continuing to drive on suspended or revoked licenses, with deadly consequences. One Florida lawmaker believes he has the solution.

Florida Speeding Ticket Fines Increase

Florida speeding ticket fines are on the rise. Senate Bill 12-A, recently signed into law, increases fines for Florida speeding tickets by $25 and non-speeding violations by $10.

Florida Traffic School Discount Goes Away

In January, Florida lawmakers removed the 18% discount that was given to drivers who elected to attend traffic school for a Florida moving violation. Other benefits, such as the protection against rising auto insurance rates, are not affected by this change.