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Where Can I Find Florida 8-hour Traffic School?

Have you been ordered by a Florida judge or court to complete 8-hour traffic school?  After searching around, you might have run into a lot of 4-hour basic driver improvement courses, but no 8-hour ones.  Don’t fret, the 8-hour course is out there, and it can be taken in the classroom or on the Internet.

8-hour traffic school is a course you might be required to attend or one you can volunteer to attend, depending on your particular circumstances.  You would be required to attend this course only if you have been ordered by a Florida judge or court to attend an 8-hour Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) course.

On the other hand, some counties (primarily Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Orange) allow a driver to elect (or volunteer) to attend an IDI course if he or she has already elected to attend a 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course within the past calendar year. Whether you elect to attend or you are ordered to attend, you need the same type of course.

The Florida DHSMV doesn’t keep a list of approved 8-hour traffic schools because this course is under the purview of the courts, not the State.  In some cases, a court will hand out a list of locations where a person can attend the course, or they might simply refer you to the phone book or Internet and let you do all of the legwork of finding a course.

A large number of traffic schools offer this course in the classroom.  To see a list of schools that offer this course (mostly in southeast Florida and the Orlando area), you can click on this list of schools that offer the 8-hour traffic school course.

A large number of schools also offer this course online.  If you are looking for an online course, you can search for “8-hour traffic school,” “IDI course,” “Intermediate Driver Improvement,” or similar terms using Google, Yahoo, Live Search, or whatever search engine you choose.  Or, if you just want to sign up for the course, you can click on this link to the 8-hour traffic school page.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The 8-hour Florida IDI course is NOT the same as an 8-hour Florida Aggressive Driving Course. Also note that the Florida Aggressive Driving Course can not be taken online. It is strictly a classroom course.  The 8-hour IDI course is also NOT the same as a Driving While License Suspended or Revoked Course (DWLSR).

If you need an aggressive driving or DWLSR course and you take the Florida IDI course by mistake, the court or judge might not accept your course completion certificate!  If you are not sure which course you need, please contact the judge who issued your administrative order or the county in which you elected to attend the IDI course.

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