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Florida Speeding Ticket Fines Increase

Florida speeders beware!   Regardless of where you are caught speeding, your ticket will now hit your pocketbook much harder thanks to a recent change in Florida law.

Florida Senate Bill 12-A, which was signed into law on January 27th by Governor Crist, not only removed the 18% discount for electing traffic school, but also increased fines for both standard moving violations and Florida speeding tickets by a significant amount.  The base fine for a moving violation (non-speeding) has been increased by 10% and the standard fine for a Florida speeding ticket has been increased by 25%.

Clerks of the Court are authorized to set their own fees for moving violations, so the actual amount you will pay for your speeding ticket, red light running violation, or failure to yield right of way will vary from county to county.  In Hernando County (Brooksville), for example, the base fine for a moving violation is now $149.00 and the base fine for speeding is a minimum of $114.00.  The speeding ticket fine starts at $114.00 and increases in increments based on the number of miles over the limit.

Click here to view the history of Senate Bill (SB) 12-A.

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