Defensive Driving Resource

Driver Training Associates Offers Quality Education for Defensive Driving

Through Driver Training Associates (DTA), students will have the best quality and value in traffic safety education. Before beginning to drive on one’s own, a person must understand the role of specific attitudes and emotions while driving. Prospective drivers must also learn useful defensive driving strategies in order to help dismiss any future traffic tickets […]

New York Online Traffic School

If you live in New York, you already know there is a lot of traffic. What you might not know is that a recently approved program allows New York drivers to get substantial savings on their car insurance.

New York Online Defensive Driving Now Available

This Memorial Day weekend, New York drivers who get a traffic ticket can take a defensive driving course online for the first time ever. The New York online defensive driving program can be used to dismiss up to 4 driving record points or to obtain a 3-year, 10% auto insurance discount.

Traffic Schools Are NOT Run by the DMV

When you sign up for a traffic school class, online or in person, you are not taking the course with the DMV, but with a private company. Find out how you can be sure the course you are taking is really DMV approved.

Texas Defensive Driving Online

Trying to decide the best way to complete a Texas defensive driving course? Learn about the online course benefits as well as the common misconceptions that may get you into trouble.

Texas Defensive Driving

Are you clear on what to do after you get a traffic ticket? This Texas defensive driving guide will take you step by step through the process so that you can keep you driving record clean, which ultimately can save you money.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course for Texas Auto Insurance Discounts

Texas drivers who are looking for a way to save money can take the DADAP course to receive an automatic 5% auto insurance discount.

Waco Defensive Driving Guide

How to guide on the steps required to request to take defensive driving course.

Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving?

Should use of cell phones while driving be banned in all states?