Defensive Driving Resource

Florida Auto Insurance Requirements and “Warning Letters”

Oh no, you received a “warning letter” from the Florida DHSMV telling you that your license might be suspended for failure to carry auto insurance. This article will explain why you got that letter and what your options are.

Texas Defensive Driving Online

Trying to decide the best way to complete a Texas defensive driving course? Learn about the online course benefits as well as the common misconceptions that may get you into trouble.

Where Can I Find Florida 8-hour Traffic School?

If you have been ordered or you volunteered to take a Florida 8-hour Traffic School course, you might have a hard time finding one. Read about the best way to locate a school that offers this course.

What Do You Think About An Accident Tax?

Florida legislators are currently debating the fate of the so-called “Accident Tax,” a tax from between $180 and $800 that would be assessed against a driver who is at-fault in an accident in which emergency personnel must respond to the scene.

What You’ll Need To Bring with You To Get Your Florida Learner’s Permit

Florida teens should be aware that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has released a new list of documents that can be submitted for proof of identity and residential address. Don’t leave home without them!

Virginia State Police To Target Speeders in Hampton Roads Area

Virginia State Police have announced that the next phase of Operation Air, Land and Speed will target traffic violators in the Hampton Roads area. Speeders and reckless drivers should watch out!

Do You Know about Florida’s Move Over Law?

Do you know about Florida’s Move Over law? This law, enacted in 2002, requires that motorists attempt to change lanes or at least slow down when law enforcement or emergency personnel are on the roadside.

Texas Defensive Driving

Are you clear on what to do after you get a traffic ticket? This Texas defensive driving guide will take you step by step through the process so that you can keep you driving record clean, which ultimately can save you money.

More Florida Traffic Tickets for Lakeland Red Light Runners

In June, 2009, red light cameras will become active at several busy Lakeland, Florida intersections. More tickets for red light running are likely to follow.