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What Do You Think About An Accident Tax?

There is currently much debate in Florida concerning an issue called the “Accident Tax.” More aptly described, this is when a city or county agency charges a flat fee to a driver who is found to be at-fault in a collision. The fee can range from $180 to $800, depending on the type of emergency services called to the scene.

The agencies charging these extra fees have blamed budget shortfalls as the reason for the additional imposed fees, claiming “dire economic need.” However, the residents of these cities and counties are already paying taxes, which are ear-marked for the purpose of supplying these public services. Senator Mike Bennett called this “Double Taxation.”

The measure intended to prevent Florida cities and counties from charging the extra fees is currently in legislation. It has passed the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, despite objections from some police chiefs and firefighters.

The outcome of this piece of legislation is very important and will have far-reaching effects on everyone who drives in the state of Florida. If approved, the government agencies will have to look elsewhere for the funds to support the public emergency services, with no leads on where exactly that will be. If denied, Floridians should be prepared to pay heavily for being involved in a collision. This is one piece of legislation every Floridian should be watching.

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