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Advanced Driver Improvement – Are Senior Drivers Really Better?

The Today show this morning had a story about senior drivers that I wanted to share.  You will be surprised to see where our country’s fastest growing age group ranks when it comes to safety behind the wheel (click here to see the full video: Driver Improvement for Seniors? ).  The story included various reasons for the older driver’s improvements in safety statistics which include: 1.  most seniors don’t drink and drive 2. infrequency for night driving due to vision issues 3. tendency to drive at or below the speed limit.  Another great point that was made by a senior driver in the video was his attitude and frame of mind while driving.  He said that the most important thing is to be patient.  That lesson seems simple, but it is advice that all drivers can be reminded.  Don’t be in a hurry and don’t let the actions of others throw you into a state that might have you taking chances behind the wheel that could result in a traffic ticket or a crash.

Mature Driver Course

Hearing this story made me think of all the great information that is included in a mature driver course.  Not every state has them, but if your state does (i.e. Florida), I would highly recommend them.  They are roughly six hours long in most states and can be taken online or in an live class by drivers age 55 and older.  They are a great way for senior drivers to receive a refresher about the imporant rules, regulations, and responsible strategies that can help on the roadways.  Mature drivers take these courses to be eligible for auto insurance discounts from participating insurance companies or just for safety training purposes.  And don’t think that driver improvement is only for the older driver.  All drivers should consider taking a defensive driving course (a.k.a. traffic school or driver improvement course) for safety training, to save money on your auto insurance, or for a traffic ticket.  Don’t forget that driving is a skill that needs sharpening, so be proactive about your driving safety, and remember the attitude taken by the older driver in this story on the Today show the next time someone cuts your off or frustrates you while driving.

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