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New York Internet Point Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP)

The state of New York has a PIRP (Point & Insurance Reduction Program), for the purposes of:

  1. Refreshing your driving knowledge
  2. Reducing points on your driving record
  3. Reducing insurance rates

In 2006, a provision in New York state law established the “IPIRP” program, which is a 5-year pilot that will enable New York drivers to take their accident prevention course on the web.  PIRP courses have traditionally been delivered in the classroom by private traffic schools.

The IPIRP pilot is restricted to driver training companies whose classroom courses were already approved by the New York DMV by the time the IPIRP law went into effect in 2006.  To date, a few IPIRP courses have been submitted for review, but none has yet been approved by DMV.

According to the New York IPIRP / Alternate Delivery Method Program Sponsoring Agency Application, “The purpose of the five year [IPIRP] pilot is to review and study internet and other technologies as viable methods for delivering the accident prevention course.” The five year pilot commencement date will actually begin when the first course is officially approved. After the pilot period has ended, DMV will decide whether to permanently implement IPIRP as an option for New York drivers who wish to complete an accident prevention course over the web.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the IPIRP program and will provide the latest IPIRP news and information on this website. To stay up to date on the New York Internet Point Insurance Reduction Program, you can click here to subscribe to the DTA news feed.

The New York PIRP Course

Please note that even though the DMV is offering an online version of the PIRP course, the traditional classroom courses will continue to be available. Classroom courses offer a different level of interaction, whereby the information is distributed in a completely different manner from the online course.

Click here to access the New York DMV’s C32A Brochure, which contains basic information about the PIRP course. Here you will find answers to some of these questions:

How much time does the PIRP course take, what is it like, and what does it cost?

After I complete the PIRP course, how do I receive the point reduction?

How do I know my driving record shows my PIRP course completion?

Whether New York drivers continue to use the classroom PIRP course, or decide to try the online IPIRP course, the benefits remain the same:

  1. Refresh your driving knowledge (resulting in accident prevention)
  2. Reduce points on your driving record
  3. Reduce insurance rates

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