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In December of 2010 the state of Michigan followed the lead set forth by states such as Texas, Florida, and Virginia before them to allow for their drivers to complete a defensive driving course online. Michigan drivers may call it a Basic Driver Improvement Course, however, the reasons for taking such a course is pretty universal. In most states driver improvement courses are taken to keep a ticket from going on your record, to remove points from your driving record, or for insurance discounts. In Michigan if you receive an eligible traffic infraction, you will receive a letter from the Michigan Secretary of State’s (SOS) office alerting you of your option to complete an approved Basic Driver Improvement Course to keep the points off of your driving record and from being reported to your insurance provider.

Driver Improvement Course Online in Michigan
A basic driver improvement online course in Michigan allows users the option to log in and out of the course at their convenience. The course consists of 6 short and easy chapters, followed by a 5 question quiz at the end of each chapter to validate that the user is comprehending the material. Users must score at least 80% on each quiz to move to the next unit, and are given the opportunity to take a unit quiz up to 3 times should they not pass on the first try. The Michigan online defensive driving course also includes animiations and video throughout making it very educational and entertaining.  There really isn’t a more convenient or entertaining way to complete a Michigan defensive driving course today! A successful course completion of the online Michigan driver improvement course is reported to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office to ensure that points are removed and the ticket is not reported to the associated auto insurance company. If a user would like a copy of the completion for their records a Proof of Completion can be purchased and delivered electronically via email or printed upon completion.

The only stipulation is that the user complete the course before the deadline set in their letter from the Secretary of State’s office.  Drivers are not eligible to take a course if they were cited for serious traffic tickets such as negligent or carless driving. Violations while operating a commercial vehicle also are ineligble.

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