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In partnership with I Drive Safely®, Driver Training Associates presents the Texas driver education online course.

Students who are at least 14 years of age can complete their driver education requirement entirely over the Internet.

This course is also a great way for parents to get involved in their children's driver education.

About the Texas Driver Education Course

The Texas driver education course has been designed by professional traffic safety educators who also understand the type of educational content that appeals to teens. Instead of being bored, teens will be mentally stimulated into learning important concepts that can help them avoid traffic crashes, injuries, tickets, and even fatalities.

  • Cool videos and graphics make learning more fun
  • Short, easy chapters
  • 100% online, no sitting in class for days or hours
  • FREE U.S. based customer support
  • Flexible course schedule &ndash complete at your own pace
  • Available 24 / 7
  • Log in and out unlimited times
  • Written for specifically for teens
  • Guide to help parents teach driving skills to their teens

Online Driver Ed that Teens Prefer

Learning is more effective when the material is presented in an interesting, engaging format. The online teen driver education course that we offer combines easy-to-read text with 3D animations for a learning experience that teens can relate to. They'll remember more from the course and they'll retain it longer.

With the busy schedules that both teenagers and their parents have these days, who has time to go to a driver ed class? By taking the course online, teens can log in and out of the course on their schedule, and since they can study one section at a time instead of cramming everything into one lecture, they will benefit more from their study sessions.

Texas Driver Ed Online


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