Defensive Driving Resource

Driver Training Associates Teaches Online Defensive Driving – New York Customers Get Auto Insurance Premium Discounts

To learn defensive driving, New York drivers can opt to go with Driver Training Associates. DTA has been teaching New York drivers to drive defensively for years, and specializes in providing convenient, very easily accessed education, and as such offers an online format that is geared towards ease of use, making use of plain, simple language and entertaining videos and animations. In addition, those taking the company’s programs are permitted to study at their own pace, and may login and logout of the course according to their personal preferences or the demands of their own schedules.

Aside from being able to learn all about defensive driving in New York, drivers may also be eligible to receive an automatic 10% discount on their auto insurance premium. After the course is completed, the student can present his or her completion certificate to the insurer for a three-year reduction off the base rate of his or her car liability, collision and no-fault premiums.

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