Teen Colorado driver with keys about to get first driver license

Colorado Driver Education

  • Easy, 100% online course
  • Less reading, more video
  • No classroom or lecture
  • Take the course on your schedule

Colorado Driver Education Online

Driving exam with Colorado driver ed instructor and teen behind the wheel

This award-winning Colorado teen driver education course makes learning critical driving skills convenient, easy, and fun.

Instead of driving to a class and being forced to listen to long lectures, teens can complete their drivers ed course completely online, logging in and out of the course whenever they want to. Teens and parents agree, this is the way to do driver's ed!

Note: You must be at least 15 years, 6 months old to complete this course. This is a State of Colorado requirement.

Online Driver Ed for Colorado First Time Drivers

Laptop screen showing scene from Colorado driver ed program

Learning is more effective when the material is presented in an interesting, engaging format.

The online teen driver education course that we offer combines easy-to-read text with 3D animations for a learning experience that teens can relate to. They'll remember more from the course and they'll retain it longer.

Convenience Is a Reason to Take Driver Ed on the Web

With the busy schedules that both teenagers and their parents have these days, who has time to go to a driver ed class?

By taking the course online, teens can log in and out of the course on their schedule, and since they can study one section at a time instead of cramming everything into one lecture, they will benefit more from their study sessions.

Why Driver Ed Can Be Great for Parents Too

Not only is the drivers education course perfect for teens, it will also benefit parents. The course includes a useful guide for helping parents teach their teenagers how to drive.

DTA encourages parents to take an active role in preventing dangerous teen driving behaviors. No one wants to hear the tragic news that their son or daughter has been killed or injured in a crash.

Helping your teen select the right driver education course is an excellent way to start off a safe and successful lifetime of driving.