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Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course

Just $34.95
  • Approved by the Michigan SOS
  • Masks traffic ticket points
  • Fast, easy and convenient!

Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Online

In addition to offering classroom based courses, Michigan In-Class BDIC is proud to partner with Driver Training Associates, a leader in the traffic safety industry of more than 30 years, to offer a state approved online Michigan basic driver improvement course.

Did you receive a letter from the Michigan Secretary of State's office stating that you are eligible to take a Michigan basic driver improvement course (BDIC)? If so, you may be unaware that the State of Michigan now allows for courses to be taken online. The BDIC online course being we offer is the same curriculum that is offered in the classroom, but it can be taken with any device with access to the Internet, including mobile devices. This makes the course available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing unmatched convenience and flexibility.

To get started, simply click the "Register" button above to create an account and pay for the course using DTA's secure online system. Once registered, you will be given access to the course, which consists of videos, animations, and text. You can work your way through the course material at your own pace and the course automatically saves your progress. This allows you to pick right back up where you last left off the next time you log in.

After you successfully complete the course, your completion will be reported to the Michigan Secretary of State's (SOS) office to ensure that your citation is not sent to your insurance provider. You also have the option to purchase an electronic certificate of completion that can be downloaded and printed for your records.

Why Online?

Some of the benefits to the online basic driver improvement course are:

  • Flexibility – There is no need to find a class time or date that fits your schedule. You can access the online course whenever you are ready and have access to the internet 24 hours by 7 days a week.
  • Convenience – You can take the course from basically any web-enabled device, which includes PC's, laptops, tablets, and phones. So whether you want to take the course from home, the office, or at your favorite Wi-Fi enabled hotspot, the course is at your fingertips and always ready.
  • Secure – the course is a McAfee secure site that uses fully encrypted and SSL protected pages to make sure your information and payment data are completely safe.
  • Quick Reporting – All completions are reported electronically the next business day following completion to ensure that the Michigan SOS is notified of your completion as quickly as possible.
Michigan Defensive Driving | Live Classes

If you would prefer to take your defensive driving course in a classroom at an In Class Michigan BDIC location, please click here.